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The Kanga Kid is the world’s smallest multi-task compact skid steer loader, with a special range of attachments that completes the toughest jobs quickly and easily. With residential site access becoming increasingly smaller, the 2 Series is the popular choice among landscaperspool installationbuilderscontractors, electrical and many more.

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What is the Tax Break?

It’s obviously more complicated than the government just handing out $20,000 tax returns for free.


This form of accelerated depreciation allows you to reduce your taxable income by $20,000 – resulting in a cash flow benefit relative to the rate you’re taxed at.


Global accounting firm BDO uses the example of a small business, registered for GST, purchasing a vehicle with a GST-inclusive value of $21,999 ($19,999 ex GST). If the vehicle is delivered before 30 June, and used 100% for your business, you will be entitled to an immediate deduction of $19,999, as well as being able to claim the $2,000 as a GST input credit.


This would effectively translate into a cash flow benefit of $5,700 at the current company tax rate of 28.5% over the 2016/17 financial year and a $5,500 benefit when the Government reduces the company tax rate to 27.5% over the 2016/17 financial year.



In real terms, this means that small businesses will have a less complex tax return to complete, as their assets will either qualify for the immediate write-off or, if the asset is valued over $20,000, with depreciation based on useful life. Assets over $20,000 can be fully written-off, but not immediately. You can group your assets that exceed the threshold in order to depreciate them at the same rate (15% in the first year, 30% for every year after that).


In order to make the most of the deductions for 2017, businesses would have to claim before June 30 2017 of this year in order to maximise cash flow benefits with any assets claimed.
ATO information can be found here


* You are encouraged to seek professional financial advice before acting on any information contained in our promotion/s.


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What do I save ?

So you’ve got $20,000 and you want to get the most bang for your buck. Kanga have tailored tax break packages to get you fully equipped to tackle more work!


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$19,990 exgst Deal


*Terms and Conditions:

Applicable to All Applicants. Promotion is based on the PW628 loader that includes 5” Air Cleaner with General Purpose Bucket. Finance for this package can be arranged for eligible business customers via chattel mortgage 60-month term with a 30% residual. Details at https://www.kangaloader.com/campaign-tax17

This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other finance program that Kanga are currently advertising.

Check with your dealer whether Freight Charges are applicable.

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When  you buy a new Kanga Package

Thanks to the Government’s new budget announcements in May 2016, small business owners with an annual turnover up to $2 million per year are eligible for a $20,000 tax break on equipment purchases both in new or used condition.


You can purchase any items under $20,000 that you need to run your business for an instant tax deduction. This limit is calculated on a PER ITEM basis, which means that if you have an invoice to the value of $100,000, made up of multiple items under $20,000 EACH, you can claim ALL the items individually for your tax break!

You can write-off as many individual items as you like, provided they are less than $20,000 so it’s the perfect time to give your business the Kanga advantage.


So, if you have an ABN, let’s start shopping! Our sales consultants are experts when it comes to machinery and equipment and can tailor a package suited to your needs. To arrange a no obligation demonstration fill out a form  here.

The 6 Series Loader comes with huge 23″ tyres to give better ground clearance, faster ground speed and high puncture resistance. We keep you working longer! Perfect for all terrains due to the independent 4-wheel hi –torque drive system, and coupled with the 23inch tyres allows this loader in the most undulating places with an amazing 185mm of ground clearance.

Proving popular for a variety of uses such as a rental yard or general contractor, the Kanga 6 series has a hydraulic system pressure of up to 3250 psi that ensures incredible power and durability.

6 Series Machine

The Perfect All-Rounder

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